The Still Kickin Club
The Still Kickin Club
Rebecca Sharbono

Welcome to The Still Kickin Club

Building a braver, more supportive world, one person at a time.

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About Us

Still Kickin was built for the hard times. It was built around the belief that a support network and safety net are things that everyone deserves to have access to when their life falls apart. And that belief is as true today as it was when Still Kickin started five years ago.

This group of like-minded people, along with the Still Kickin team admins, are here to be that safety net for you. This club will provide community and suggested content around specific topics and ongoing conversation.

We welcome you with (virtual) open arms.

*If you are interested in joining the club, click here.

What You Get When You Join

  • Access to experts and others in the Still Kickin universe via monthly community calls and day-to-day virtual interaction.
  • A space to hold yourself accountable and grow via discounts to events, webinars and workshops.
  • Regular action and engagement with specific calls to action and practical responses to the question, "Yeah... but how?"
  • Access to exclusive club merchandise.
  • Resources at your fingertips to help you navigate the hard stuff in life.

Big Thanks

Thank you so much for creating a space where we can show up for others (virtually) and #HelpAHumanOut!

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